Dust Bunny maximises Impact during the International Forum on Health and Wellbeing

Lancaster University in collaboration with Lancaster University Ghana and with funding from the UKRI and the Global Challenges Research Fund, has organised the International Forum on Health and Wellbeing, with the main objective of creating impact on existing research among academics in the areas of social health, medicine, environment, sustainability, water and food availability. The Forum took place in the Lancaster University Ghana between the 21-22 March 2019.

Following the Forum the Dust Bunny team explored how to achieve maximum impact and genuine, embedded change for the better across Ghana and wider Africa.

The project team along with several experts from Ghana and Africa discussed how the outputs of the project research can be applied, disseminated, adapted and further developed in order to achieve maximum benefit in African countries. The team also discussed some of barriers to change in this area as well as some of the opportunities that might arise from combining the results of multiple, related work to tackle key issues.
Lastly everyone engaged in a discussion on local, national and continental issues in the area of health and wellbeing more broadly and how research can be applied in the right way to meet these challenges in the most effective way.

Apart from achieving wider dissemination of the Dust Bunny through the Forum, This also led to new collaborations and the development of a revised Impact strategy and pathway for the Dust Bunny project.

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