Workshop on AMR and domestic hygiene practices in Ghana helps develop AHRC project

The co-design workshop run in Ghana in February 2017 helped in establishing the research context, local challenge, research methodology and dissemination strategy for a research bid targeting a relevant AHRC Call on AMR in Real World. This led to the successful development and funding of the Dust Bunny research project. The workshop also created a network of Ghanaian scientists and researchers interested in purposing further research in the AMR and health area.

The workshop was run by Lancaster University and held in Accra, Ghana at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research premises. It included several participants from across different areas of antimicrobial resistance, public health, environmental studies and sanitation.

Several of the areas explored during the workshop included:

  • The cultural and common hygiene practices across different household settings in rural and urban as well as a range of social scales in Ghana;
  • The most common bacterial diseases influenced by the home environment in Ghana;
  • The challenges of conducting research, accessing and recruiting household participants in Ghana and how to overcome them;
  • The benefits for household participants taking part in the study and how to enhance them;
  • The pathways to impact and best avenues for disseminating research findings in Ghana and West Africa.

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